Digital inverter quality is often measured using the Voltage Transfer Curve, which is a plot of input vs. output voltage. From such a graph, device parameters including noise tolerance, gain, and operating logic-levels can be obtained.

Ideally, the voltage transfer curve (VTC) appears as an inverted step-function - this would indicate precise switching between on and off - but in real devices, a gradual transition region exists. The VTC indicates that for low input voltage, the circuit outputs high voltage; for high input, the output tapers off towards 0 volts. The slope of this transition region is a measure of quality - steep (close to -Infinity) slopes yield precise switching.

The tolerance to noise can be measured by comparing the minimum input to the maximum output for each region of operation (on / off).


CONTROL : Higher End Micro controller based design.

FUZZY LOGIC CONTROL (Patented Technology) : A unique and advanced technology that protects the battery, reduces frequency of water topping and enhances battery life.

User selectable heavy duty charger option that charge the battery 50% faster than as compared to ordinary models.

Battery pole reversal protection

Battery deep discharge protection

High surge handling capacity (upto 300%) Cold Start.

Saves 40% electricity bill as compared to square wave inverter

Overloaded and short circuit protection with auto-reset.

Saves 40% electricity bill as compared to square wave inverter.

Ideal for sophisticated electronic equipment like new generation DVD player, monitors, printer, scanner in addition to tube lights, fans and room coolers.

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